Thursday, November 24, 2011


Apologies for the wait and my constant empty promises, but finally I've found some time to get back to the worlds worst kept blog and do some updates.

It's almost pointless me uploading this now seeing as it's already done the rounds considerably since the roller coaster that has been the last few months. But here it is anyway, a 720p HD upload of Sony's Red-Band trailer featuring music by Mike Shinoda and Joe Trapanese.
Right off the bat, this is a trailer for a film that has been made for adults. It is not intended for kiddos and contains a significant amount of blood and violence that could be seen as graphic and extreme, so you have been warned.

To quote Todd Brown ....
"Iko Uwais is a charming country boy no more....Twitch is proud to premiere the first trailer for The Raid and while the concept of the Red-Band trailer is unknown in Indonesia let's just say that this first trailer ain't going to get shown on theater screens there any time soon. Or ever. Loaded with a combination of technical fighting and raw brutality the trailer gives it to you straight: This is a movie about a group of men who must kill or be killed and a whole lot of them aren't getting out alive. And as hard as this might be to believe after you've seen the trailer let me tell you this: As crazy as things get this does not spoil any of the biggest moments in the film."

Now watch and please don't forget to comment below...

Alternatively, you can also see it direct at Vimeo. Will update with more soon as well as answer some of your questions.


  1. Hi Gareth,
    I missed this movie at INAFFF but I saw The Raid trailer in INAFFF which is the Indonesian version. There are some additional scenes with different music plus big white block writing at the start of the trailer. I really love it! It's more hardcore than the Sony's version. Would you like to upload that one as well, so I can download it and loop it a whole day :D

    Also may I know who is the music composer of that Indonesian version trailer? If possible I'd love to download it as well. The music is so badass!

    Thanks Gareth!

  2. ,@sakura: composernya sama kok kyk di merantau, aria prayogi n fajar yuskemal.

    Btw, babule tolong jelaskan alasan film diundur T,,

  3. setuju.. request trailer yg versi inafff.. da perlu konfirmasi kenapa di undur :( dan apakah benar jadinya april? :(

  4. AWESOME SIR. SIX THUMBS UP. Although I'm wondering will you put the scene of you as cameo on the movie trailer. :p

  5. Any plans to release a version with original sound? V.2 maybe?

  6. Amat sangat penasaran kenapa The Raid harus diundur begitu lama.....mungkinkah tebakan saya ada yang benar???

    *komen #galau*

  7. Why the release in Indonesia is postponed? I'm expecting to watch the original version before I'm leaving Indonesia for US. and if that happens, i guess I have simply have to watch Mike's scoring instead.. If it's released in US theaters.

  8. Sometime I wondering how if gareth being once of the victum ikos punch in some scene,... but maybe the title problaby will be Rama vs Giant.....hahaha

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