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The Raid Production Blog #1: Bootcamp and Choreography

As premiered earlier on TwitchFilm here is the first of six production blogs detailing the making of THE RAID. We will release one each week every friday leading up to March 23rd.

THE RAID: PRODUCTION BLOG 1 - Bootcamp & Choreography

First episode covers me sending the guys to learn all they need to know about guns, knives, bombs and military strategy and a little showing the pre-vis storyboards used in pre-production during the fight scene design.

English Version

Indonesian Version


This week we began posting @THERAIDMOVIE and opened week 1 of a 5 week competition for fans to win tickets to see THE RAID at the GALA PREMIERE on March 21st. The contest is only open to Indonesian or Indonesian based entrants.

So after a week of posting captions, the winner is @.

Congrats, we look forward to seeing you at the premiere.


Q. A-Bye - Apakah the Raid Cast and Crew ketika premiere di Amerika akan datang ke sana? 
A. We're unsure yet of who will be going to do any promo for the film, there's a lot of territories opening in a short space of time everything depends on demands from domestic and International promotion.

Q. kunderempFeb 11, 2012 05:12 PM
1. I wonder when Merantau DVD Special Edition will be released?
2. I believe most of Indonesians would love to hear Mike Shinoda and Joe Trapanese score. Is it possible to have it as alternative track when The Raid finally have the DVD version?
3. Is there any plan to add 'femme fatale' in BERANDAL? I can think at least four popular Indonesian actress which have Martial Art background:
- Julia Perez -> Merpati Putih
- Dinda Kanya Dewi -> Muay Thai Boxing
- Sherina Munaf -> Al-Azhar silat, Wushu
- Prisia Nasution -> Perisai Diri silat
4. Is there any plan to have Indonesian old icon of martial movie to be cameo in Berandal? I believe some people want to see 'Barry Prima', 'Rhoma Irama', 'Sandi Nayoan', etc for even 2 second in the movie. ;p
5. Is there any plan to have THE RAID as front cover for any Indonesian movie magazine (e.g. Cinemags, M2)? Being a front cover probably is more effective than having multiple TV Spot;
6. I was amazed by the sound effect when I watch THE RAID in INAFFF. Do you create your own sound effect or using the existing library of existing software? Is it possible to present the process in the Production Blog?

A. That's a lot of questions.
1. Merantau Special Edition DVD is almost finalized and will be released to coincide with THE RAID, most likely the same week.
2. Most likely we will feature both versions of the score on the DVD.
3. We have a femme fatale in Berandal, but not cast yet. I certainly hope to work with some of those on your list, but not naming names and not necessarily on Berandal. We'll see what happens further down the line.
4. Again, we'll see what happens. Too early to speculate.
5. Ideally we can get front cover AND multiple TV spots. Hopefully we'll have something out on the shelves next month.
6. It was a mix of library sounds and foley fx recorded at siam lab in bangkok. Some stuff we completely designed ourselves - the silenced gun fire for example - we hated the library sounds all "pings" and "pyuus" so we stripped it back and I asked the guys to use just the mechanics of the guns with a low deep bass thud giving the guns power but also detail.

Q. Gerardo MayukoFeb 14, 2012 08:05 AM
Hi Gareth,
I have questions regarding the crew of The Raid. On imdb page of The Raid I found these crew names mentioned :

- Gilbert Carreras (color timer)
- Bill Wohlken (post-production executive)

as far as I know, the difference between the US version and the Indonesian version is the music/score only. So how come there are 2 additional Hollywood crew making changes on the color timer and handling the post production? Does it mean the US version will have a new touch on the color and the finished editing compare to the Indonesian version?

I also found couple of names, Kier Lehman & Brian Richards, but both are working in music department. So I assume they were included because of the whole new music/score for the US release.

A. All these guys have worked their asses off in the lead up to the release, while the film and it's main content hasn't changed there are always some small fixes needed - adding more details to the end credits - the original was made before Mike and Joe worked on the score, and little shifts also like timing of the final title cards to stay in the rhythm and beat of the new score.

Q. Reny CamiraFeb 15, 2012 12:15 AM
Hi Gareth,
today I just watched a movie in XXI and you know what, there's no trailer for The Raid played yet. I mean come on, here we've got the trailer for the new Resident Evil movie which will come out in September! We also got a cool big advertising board for Battleship standing tall at Blitz Megaplex which will come out in May. The Raid? None. Nada. Not even a poster! It's less than 6 weeks to the big premiere mate. Do Merantau Films think they can just rely 100% to what Sony can pull up in terms of marketing in their territory to bring effects to our home? I can assure you mate, internet hype of The Raid haven't reached the general audience yet. Many Indonesian moviegoers who aren't really active in the internet are still blind to this movie.

Hope we will see all the marketing stuff - posters, ad board, and most importantly the trailer - showing up here soon.

A. Thanks for the spirited question. We're busy prepping materials as we speak for promo on The Raid. You'll start to see the trailer appearing in cinemas as of next week along with posters also. Other materials: radio ads, tv spots, tv bumpers, billboards, online, print - the rest of our campaign will all follow shortly after. We're not arrogant enough to believe there is an automatic audience for the film and we're working on all we can to maximize it's exposure. Buzz and hype is one thing, but the number of seats filled is what matters in order to give the film a good run in the cinema. We appreciate every single comment and link we see when enthusiastic followers of the film help us spread the word. We can't reach everyone, but hopefully come the release we'll have done enough to make the film a success.
And lastly, thanks to Phrygian, Rocky and Pamungkas 3 Kusumo for the kind words.

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