Friday, March 2, 2012

The Raid Production Blog #3: The Courtyard and Hole Drop

Long fucking day today, so I will get round to answering all your questions in the next blog entry. Just a quick post to add the latest blog where we see the magic and wonder of Moty (leader of my genius Art team) and our use of Airsoft guns in the making of the action sequences.

While I'm at it, big shout out to Freddie Wong and Brandon Laatsch for so many inspiring videos that prove there are creative solutions to shooting big scale action on a low budget.

We're indebted to you guys and we're huge fans of your work.



Catch you all next week for the new blog and I promise I'll give you some answers next time.


  1. Freddie Wong and Brandon are amazing. I watch them since the light warfare.

  2. Hi Gareth,

    Since that The Raid:Redemption only will be screened in LA and New York, it won't be widely known by US viewers. It's like, Hollywood's The Raid is for United States, not your original movie. How is your opinion about this?

    Oh, I noticed that there was no recoil effects on handguns etc. More realistic effects on guns will be great. :)

    Best of luck.

  3. Hi Gareth,
    I have a question. There's an interesting discussion on imdb board here :

    It's about the suspicion that the US release of the movie will have a different coloring and maybe sound FX, apart from having totally different score. Would you like to tell us about this?


  4. Btw, apakah akan ada roadshow dari pemain dan kru the Raid ke kota-kota di Indonesia seperti waktu itu di film Merantau?

  5. yo man!

    I didn't know you own this blog, what's up:)

    I love your work, and Iko is amazing!

    I'm waiting for Raid:Redemption to arrive in the UK:/

  6. suka banget sama film The Raid ini di tamabh lagi iko uwais aktor nya :D

  7. Hi Gareth,

    I'm really looking forward to see your movie and hear Mike's music, but... hey, is it even possible for The Raid to come even to the Czech republic? You know, I'm not sure about screening here but - hell - I wanna see it in the cinema. Do you think you can ask somewhere about it? Because that would be great. Thanks a lot and keep up your great work.

  8. Hi Gareth, where can we find out where The Raid is opening this week? I'm in Seattle and none of the online movie sites know of a showing nearby. Is there anywhere that lists where it'll be opening?

    1. Check :


  9. Wow... Saatnya indonesia beraksi...!!

  10. Just saw The Raid: Redemption, best film i have ever seen! Congratulations on such a great effort. I can't wait for the sequel

  11. maju terus film indonesia,,, semoga sukses film THE RAID nya.. :)

  12. I just saw The Raid and I loved every minute of it. However, unlike all those movie critics who I assume got to watch the movie for free, I actually have a right to say a thing or two. The movie was fun but one minor bump, minor but a bump nonetheless. Except for those of Ray Sahetapy and those of Ambon Machette Gang, almost if not all dialogues in the movie felt artistically and contextually not Indonesianly (yes, that's a word) fitting to the level of google translate. They sounded like what my android phone would mutter when I ask it to translate Arnold Scharzenegger's lines from Terminator. I was wondering wether that's because you only wanted to focus on English audiences' experience or wether that's on your translator guy's part for not being able to come up with more artistically and contextually correct Indonesian subtitues to your English dialogue and storytelling.
    I wouldn't say that this would have prevented me to watch the movie because I still gonna watch it even if it were in welsh, but other than easily understanding that there were thousands of ways to break a dude's neck, I had to struggle to understand what the guys were talking about (which includes process of carefully listen the words, figuring out the context and subconsciously translate it to English since the movie wasn't subtitled in my place) to figure out the whole story of why there guys were beating the shit out of each other. And did I say that I am Indonesian?

    Now that being said, if it wasn't really what you planned, I really hope that this issue is addressed in your next 'Berandal'. if you ask me, you should probably ask the guy who did 'Merantau' to do it for you. But if it's the same guy then you probably should whip his ass for getting sloppy on The Raid.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I totally agree with you, Soerja.
      The dialogue was so bad....
      I hope you can fix it in your next project, Mr. Evans..
      But I still love your job, this movie is really entertaining and breathtaking...

      By the way...
      I wonder, can you make Iko as a villain in your next project???

  13. Hey Gareth, I just want to say that Malaysian cinemas are still not listing The Raid as an upcoming film. I wanna voice my concern since most probably piracy will be the only alternative for these folks to get their hands on the movie. I don't wanna see The Raid get released on the Malaysian streets before their cinema counterparts. As for myself, I would only want to watch the movie in the cinema so I'll be waiting patiently.

  14. Cant wait to see this one Gareth!

  15. this film has magnet for indonesian local kungfu, as name "silat". it can be one of spot tourism to Indonesia. visit Indonesia

  16. Described on Film 2012 in the UK as the best action film of the last ten years. Cannot wait to see this in the uk. Any chance of a screener? lol thanks Gareth. Best Wishes Martin

  17. Just saw this... AMAIZING! Best action movie I've seen in the last 20 years! Can't really even articulate how great it was! Bravo!!!!!

  18. I've just seen this about 25 minutes ago... This is the best movie I have ever seen. Mr.gareth, I'm a big fan of you.

    Dikki Setiawan
    -Student filmmaker

  19. Nightstick + Combat Knife is ORIGINALE!!! Salute!!

  20. Wow, so this is an official Blog for The Raid!!!

    Great! I love it. :D

  21. Just saw this tonite, loved it, what a movie, hope this leads to plenty more successes

  22. Hi Gareth,

    I just saw The Raid and I absolutely had a blast. Maddog is awesome and IMO, he stole the show. I couldn't help but be reminded of Maddog from John Woo's Hardboiled because of the somewhat similar traits they share. Beside sharing the same name and status as a second-in-command enforcer, both really shine through in the action scenes and both has a sense of sportsmanship, even though they seem to be antagonist. Is there any connection there when you wrote this character or any other character in the history of major villains in action films?

    My other question that I want to ask is there an action scene(s) that you are unable to film because of limited budget or time constrains. Also, is there any deleted scenes that you cut for whatever reasons? I recall in your production blog in Merantau, there was a recruitment scene but I didn't see it in the movie. What happen to it?


  23. Saw The Raid. It was amazing. I only have one question, where can I find Rama's vest? My friend (He loves ballistic vests and wears them daily. He actually was wearing one when we watched the movie.) loves his vest and his birthday is coming up. Is there anyway you could tell me who the supplier is so I can buy one for him? It'd be much appreciated.


  24. Your movie is amazing. I've seen it three times and am craving it again! I wrote a bit about it here, I know you must be an extremely busy man, so I'm just posting it in the hope that you do see it and know that I truly appreciate what's been done with this movie.

  25. I don't really have to say much about it, I mean everybody know and had describe how good the action is, and everything, but seriously, I do think that some of the reviewer are wrong on one thing,

    The Story plot of this movie is not "just so so" or even "crap"

    I'm one of those other people who enjoy a movie based on the story, and after finishing this one, I gotta say, that, man those are good story. It's very well done

    Problem is not with the story, it's the dialogue.
    Yeah, I know, every person had told you this, but let me specific it to what's wrong with it

    When I watch it, I basically could see how you write it in English--yeah I'm Indonesian, but my english is not that bad either, and I've tried to write in english once or twice.

    You see, I'm what you called a striving writer (some amateur who strive to be professional, but not yet got the place ahaha), and as one, I do had read a lot of story, and me and my fellow writer (the amateur and pro--yeah we have pro adviser) had deal on what so called mainstream or cliche, but people sometimes doesn't understand that going mainstream doesn't mean it's bad. It could be good too, with a proper way of presenting it, and in movie it's all about dialogue.

    Your dialogue is what we call lack of personality. I'm not going to blame your translator now, but yeah you need to find a new one (find one who's possibly a writer too that'll help a lot)

    Anyway, I said that the dialogue is lack of personality because, when I watch this movie as a writer and I saw those characters line up in silent, I can guess how their personality goes, and what line suit them. But as soon as they said something, my mind goes from "not bad" to "Man that dialogues killed the character"

    Why I think that way? Well, those words that were sputtered from their mouth is just not real. Yeah, they're in war mode now, how can they think about EYD and Sopan Santun-politeness.
    I've heard a military guy talk before and when Jaka start to uttered their tactics and objective, I had to think really hard to understand what he's saying. I mean, yeah, military guy, when they were instructing their subordinate they'll talk with a good Indonesia, but they also have to said it with a very good an clear tone, coz they want their subordinate to understand them. And those curse ... oh please, even me--those who were raised in good environtment--had more curse vocabulary I could throw than those so called gang.

    This is why I thought you should find a translator who's also a writer, coz they can throw you a good dialogue. I know you write the story in and in english those words they uttered are very good. The problem is, the setting is Indonesia, and even if those exact words are perfectly tranlated from english to indonesia--the way you want it I mean, those words is still not suit Indonesian environtment. It just too polite to be an everyday language--even the dialogue from all the gang are too polite. Why? Coz, English, is basically just more polite than Indonesian. Don't get me wrong, I've been to America--I was born there, and I've heard those people ways of talking, but I still think that Indonesian way of talking, if you should translated it to English, are more rude.

    I do hope you've learned enough Bahasa to throw a good dialogue for Berandal.
    Well, that's all
    I still have to thank you for raising Indonesian name to the world, by making this superb movie, right?

    anyway, it is a good movie

    your fellow writer


  26. I have watched this movie over and over again. But I never get bored with it. The cameras angle was perfect, the actor also has a great martial arts and of course with your "sense" and "touch" makes this movie so amazing. I wonder if you have any plan to make another movie like this?. Gareth, you're awesome. Support me back on my Promo Member Alfamart Minimarket Lokal Terbaik Indonesia

  27. ada yang mirip nih...
    judulnya Dredd

  28. Amazing videos. I enjoyed watching in it so funny. I noticed there is lying on the floor one hand blooded, what happened to him..LOL.. but actually its all perfect to me. Thanks for sharing.

    A webmaster of TV Online