Friday, February 24, 2012

The Raid Trailer.... and that title

So a few days ago, this went up...

And then a few minutes later, I get about one or two hundred emails and tweets asking me with horror about the title change on The Raid. So now seems a good a time as any to address the situation and give a little more info on why we changed it.

Truthfully, none of us, the guys at SPC included, wanted to change the title from the original. But once we knew we were going to expand the film into a sequel - possibly a trilogy it opened our eyes up to maybe the need for an all encompassing title that could work for all three films.

At first it was just something we toyed around with as an idea to start using with part 2, but then it became an essential thing to do from the get go. The reason why: we found out "The Raid" itself was not available for us to use as a title in the US.

We couldn't get clearance on it and believe me we all tried but with that task becoming impossible and a release date looming - we chose to go with our idea to add a word that reflected one of the elements from the first film. Redemption was the one that fit, and it beat losing The Raid completely after all the work we'd done to establish awareness of the film.

As a film fan that only very recently found myself as part of the industry I do understand the backlash but as someone closely involved in the decision making progress alongside SPC, it was disheartening to see them being bashed for it.

So that's why I chose to give a little more insight into it.

This wasn't an "evil studio" thing, the decision had nothing at all to do with the proposed remake. This was a situation we were all forced into. You guys may not love the new addition to the title, and I'm not about to go and say Redemption is perfect, cos it's not - we all much prefer the simplicity of The Raid.

But the film, it is still the same film we screened at festivals and all I hope is that you all read whatever part of that 5 second titlecard you want to when it pops up on screen,  forget the rest and enjoy seeing my good friends beat the shit out of each other for 100mins.


  1. So in Indonesia on March 23rd, we will see the raid : redemption with mike shinoda score or the raid with fajar & aria score?

  2. Thank you for clearing that up for everyone, your honesty is greatly appreciated. I doubt that a small addition to the title will affect how amazing the film is, and I hope others don't nitpick too much either.

    I do have a small question, though I understand if you can't answer it due to spoilers or anything. Does the concept of redemption tie into the film at all? It's hard to see this with the trailer footage that has been given, but most of it focuses on the action, and not the story.

    Thank you and keep up the amazing work!

  3. I am in India and I can't wait to watch this movie. I hope it releases here, but probably it won't, then I might have to wait. Great action - saw the rushes in youtube.

  4. Dear Mr. Evans,

    I'm a fan and been waiting faithfully for this movie since you released the production blog a year ago. Hell, actually I've been waiting this since the release of the initial teaser for Berandal back in 2010. The waiting is torture me. Missing it at INAFF and Jogja, plus the delayed release make it worse. :(

    I have questions:

    1. Is there (will be) any soundtrack song for THE RAID?

    2. Is there a chance we can see Indonesia's homemade weapons such as SS-1/SS-2/SS-3 Assault Rifles and Pindad APC Anoa in the upcoming sequel of The Raid?. It'll add more Indonesian flavour to the movie.

    3. Do you have a plan in the future to make a silat movie set in classical era (period movie)?

    I'm hoping to see one of my favorite: "Tanah Warisan" by S.H. Mintarja (a legendary famous Indo silat writer). Unlike many silat stories that involve flying and/or unbelievable powers, Tanah Warisan has none of that elements.
    It's a drama-martial art tale with a good simple story and I think you can easily place all main cast of MERANTAU into the story.
    Sorry for being shameless asking you, but please.. please do consider it. :D

    Thanks for what you've done for Pencak Silat.

    - a fan of your works -

  5. Bung Evans,....
    Since Merantau I've been hooked by your movie works. Significant improvements I've seen in The Raid, compare to Merantau. Some says step by step in this case its a leap, a huge one indeed. Keep up the good work.You heading to the right direction Bung Evans, but I beg please be like Peter Jackson, he doesnt leave NZ, and you stay in Indo.
    I'm dying to see The Raid, seems forever to come out. I bet all my coworker sick and tired hearing me brag about it in each and every day they see me. I've already promised 30+ tickets given away as soon as it release in my city so they can watch along with me and see how bad ass this movie is.
    As mention above by RIVIERA, if you have time please take a look at S.H. Mintarja works, its awsome. With your skill and his story it will turn to a great Silat Masterpiece.

  6. Greetings Bapak Evans.

    I have not many things to say about your movie(s) other than "Dude this kick ass". And thus, whatever words you put on as the titles don't really matter, at least for me. However, as a photoshop user and a member of the general public I couldn't help but felt a little offended by this particular one optical perspective-defying The Raid Movie Poster. That is the one that features Iko (or probably you) standing in front of the apartment building with a large ass "THE RAID" writings plastered near top of it. What's wrong with it is that the plastered big ass letters do not seem to share the same vanishing points with the rest of the objects in that poster. I found this after starring the poster half an hour a day (apparently a new habit I built to compensate my impatience on waiting your movie release) and noticed that the bottom of the letters did not go in line with lines of windows on the back as they should as if the poster creator intended to make the illusion that the letters were indeed being plastered to the building. However if it was intended to be some kind of an optical illusion easter egg, then I must say, some bricks have been shat, but if it's not, then I am afraid some kids on will post it in one of those photoshop fails threads.

    I guess that would be all.
    Salam dari Manado.

    N.B: Silat in my hometown is called Langka, and it's almost extinct. It's nice to have you bring it back to the big screen. Hopefully kids will take note and start kicking each other ass with style afterward.

  7. i'm an avid fan of this site, ,i had fun watching movies online. . .thank you. .

  8. Hi Evans,
    Since the first film "Merantau Warrior" I was captivated with the action and wonderful storyline. Since than I have been a fan of Iko Uwais and yourself. Since Feb this year when I came across the trailer "The Raid", I was so excited that finally there is a new movie from you and starring Iko. However disappointingly I do not see any screening at any cinema in Singapore, why? When or is there any plan to show it in Singapore? We are so close but it seems so far. Please make your way to this red dot island of mine. If there is any moment you or Iko are coming to Singapore, please do contact me,