Friday, August 5, 2011

Catch Up #1: The ActionFest Promo & Official Stills

Last year at the first ActionFest in North Carolina, MERANTAU was honored with the prize for Best Film. As a sign of thanks and goodwill to a festival that shows so much passion and respect to a genre that often is neglected and ignored at major awards ceremonies, we decided to prepare little video for the audience that played before one of many truly kick ass films.

The video has since featured on Twitch, you can find the article HERE or play the clip below...


Also released was a gallery of stills again at Twitch I've added them below along with a few new images...

As you can probably see, there's a bit of action in this film.

Next up we have some distribution news to catch up on...

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  1. hey Gareth, love your work (merantau is truly a masterpiece and cant wait to see the raid!!!) my question is Me and my girlfriend (who is indonesian) will be in Jakarta and Bali from october 17 to 0ct 31 and was wondering if there is any early viewing schedual for the movie...I know its a long shot but doesnt hurt to ask...keep the camera rolling your an amazing director, writer, editor!!!!