Friday, August 12, 2011


Put bluntly, I'm fucking ecstatic.

After a mad rush to get a cut of THE RAID submitted in time, I've been overwhelmed by the news that the film will have its WORLD PREMIERE at the TORONTO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL in September.

Selected as the opening film of the MIDNIGHT MADNESS program I absolutely cannot wait to see how its first audience responds to the mayhem and carnage we have lined up.

This is the ultimate achievement we could have hoped for as our film becomes part of an alumni of films and directors I have admired, respected.... and stolen from :)

Please visit the festival's website HERE and also the MIDNIGHT MADNESS section HERE


Ok, after reading Ben's comment on buying the Indonesian cut of the film on DVD here in Jakarta, I figure now is as good a time as any to mention on this blog about a planned re-release of the local DVD release by JIVE COLLECTION

The original release.

We're finalizing the materials for the release but one thing we all agreed on was that if we were to do a re-release it had to be worth a "double-dip" purchase not to cheat our fans who came out and supported the film on its first release.

So here's a rough outline on what will be featured on the release.
  • 2-Disc Edition
  • Indonesian Cut (135mins) *WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES*
  • International Cut (107mins) *WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES*
  • All extra features previously released on US & UK releases including Production Blogs, Making Of, Bloopers, Deleted Scenes, Fight Scene Storyboard Comparisons & a featurette on the Bamboo Pole Stunt (English Subtitles provided)
  • Promo Reel & Trailers
  • Original Soundtrack (included as DVD-Rom content)
  • A Sneak Peak at THE RAID
  • Character Poster Postcards
  • 35mm Film Cell
We're looking at ways to get this release available for online orders, as soon as something is more concrete regarding release date and availability I will post it here.

Q. Does the Madman deal that cover Australia cover New Zealand as well? And Did you shoot a making of the fight choreography while you guys shot the film? (from MattK77)
A. I need to double check, but I would presume it does cover New Zealand also. We did shoot behind the scenes of the fight choreography and will look to produce a side-by-side comparison again like we did for Merantau. Thank you also for your kind words, THE RAID has less drama than Merantau, but again we aimed to make the action sequences feel organic and part of the story rather than just random events. Hope you enjoy! 

Q. Are they pretty strict with violence in Indonesia? I know the states is pretty lax, but not sure about other countries. If so, do you plan on having different versions of the film or sticking to your original concept? (from kmiller)
A. It's really hard to guess how the censors will react. I'm hopeful we will get through unscathed, but we'll see once we submit the film. There won't be different versions of the film, usually when a film is cut here the cuts are made direct to the 35mm prints released in cinemas as opposed to the master material. Internationally I don't see anything in the film that would pose a problem for censors in the US / UK etc. It's a hard "R" rating but we don't overstate the violence. 

Q. Can't wait for the red-band trailer. (from kunderemp)
A. Yes I know this isn't really a question, but it's an opportunity for me to tease regarding the trailer. You sir will not have to wait long - the trailer is coming. Maybe the next blog entry.... Unless I write something else first.

Q. Any idea when it will release officially in Indonesia? In the first Jan. or last one? or perhaps february? (from PuspitaHassei)
A. We are looking at releasing the film in the end of January, possibly the 19th or 26th. Once we finalize a release date I will post it here. Not sure if it helps, but there's a possibility that the November screening would be on a weekend.

And that about does it for this blog. 

Next: THE RAID TRAILER (maybe)


  1. Semoga film ini mendapat sambutan yang bagus di Toronto International Film Festival. Can't wait for the red band trailer... ^ ^

    Btw, berapa harga DVD specialnya nanti Mr.?? hehe

  2. Bloopers? Fight Scene Storyboard comparisons? Original Soundtrack?

    This is what I am waiting for!!

  3. Babule, yang 35mm film cell itu sepanjang apa yak?? saya mah rela dikasih 1 roll juga, heheheheh....

  4. "...the November screening would be on a weekend."
    on sunday please..please..please... *berdoa*

  5. Hey, hey, can't wait for the bloopers and soundtrack of Merantau.. Dan ternyata semua beneran sesuai janji babule waktu itu. Bakal rilis International dan Director's cut dalam satu dvd.. dll.. Tapi ga yakin bisa beli dalam waktu dekat ini, lagi bokek.. hahaha..

  6. hi Gareth how r u?

    i am so happy when i read about your plan in rereleasing Merantau in MERANTAU SPECIAL EDITION DVD. i LOVE special edition DVDs. so when will the dvd get released here in indo? i got a Merantau DVD (indo version aka region 3) for my friend in the US and it didnt come with subtitles, so i think he will be happy to have this 2-disc set DVD since he LOVES Merantau so much. i wouldnt even be surprised if he has seen The Raid all the way in the US already.

    also, r u planning to release THE RAID 2-disc set DVD here with the same contents as the DVD set above (plus english subtitles)? i hope u r because i am sure a lot of fans will be very happy with this idea.

    hope to hear from u again soon and keep up your awesome work!

    shirleyminisys at gmail dot com