Friday, August 5, 2011

A shit ton of stuff to catch up on, but first apologies...

Okay so I'm useless at this. I've followed many filmmakers blogs, ones that regularly update with ease and I honestly have no idea how they can stay so disciplined. I tried but failed.

The production process on this flick has been killer, way harder than anything we encountered on MERANTAU. We wrapped on June 8th at around 5.30am after a stupifyingly long day that literally left cast and crew with nothing but fumes to work from. The cheers from that final call of "its a wrap" a mixture of happiness and relief. We all got our normal lives handed back to us, and finally I could spent time with my family (before launching straight into post-production).

I won't even try to cover what happened over the course of the rest of the shoot in one blog. It's futile, there's too much to talk about. From the schedule which changed on a weekly sometimes daily basis, to the action scenes that we adapted to fit our shooting time, stunts that went according to plan, others that took way too long for us to get right. It all culminated in one clear thought.

Filmmaking is a bitch to get right.

But there is nothing I'd rather destroy my health and sanity doing.

I'm so shit at updating you all that I've actually wrapped the film, began and finished the offline edit and in a few days time will be winging my way to Thailand to complete color grading and sound mixing on the final cut of the film ready for it to make it's way to it's World Premiere...but more on that later.

I will at some point get round to writing up an adequate report that covers all the goings on in the shoot and my later equally sleep-deprived editing sessions but before then I need to backtrack a fair few steps and release a shit ton of news that I really should have covered a long time ago along with some recent and just plain amazing news that has left me both excited and terrified in equal measure.

Thanks to Sam and Xino for their kind words in the last blog. Again if anyone has any questions feel free to ask away I will do my best to answer each of them in upcoming blog entries.


  1. Wow! I luv updates.

    >> "Filmmaking is a bitch to get right" - Bulls Eye!

    Waiting for more news.

  2. I love these updates. I hope you can rest a little now that filming has wrapped.

    I'm excited to see more footage. When can we expect a trailer?

  3. Quote from mr. Evans from Twitter (3 aug):

    we're finishing post-pro in the next few weeks including final mixing + grading for the trailer. Trailer will release this month.