Saturday, August 13, 2011

Not the trailer.... But some BTS...

So we're out in Bangkok now at the awesome SIAM FILM DEVELOPMENT Co. (same post-production facility we used for MERANTAU).
We're doing all our color grading, final audio mixing and mastering here and while I finally get a chance to sit back and watch other people work their asses off instead of me - I'm roaming around getting little clips of the "finishing touches".

And here's one of them...

That was our sound team (Fajar, Ogi, Bonar and Sandika - Pak Jack arrived later that evening) over-seeing a mix of one of the earlier scenes in the film as the Swat team work their way up the building.

And here's another...

WARNING: This one isn't suitable for kiddies...

While we're here in Bangkok, Andi (our online editor) is putting some finishing touches to effects that we simply couldn't achieve practically. He is a genius when it comes to digital squibs and blood fx. Here's a very small sample of his work in one of our major fight scenes.

For those hoping to get a more clear view of footage (more than one shot) sorry but I'm trying to keep as much hidden for now as possible. The trailer is coming next week, that will show plenty. 

For now I'm gonna keep on teasing these little clips as I fuck around shooting BTS with the HTC.


Q. Berapa harga DVD specialnya nanti Mr.? / "How much will the special edition DVD cost?" (from Ismail Takumi)
A. I've no idea, that's not a decision made by us, but by Jive Collection. I'm guessing it will be a little bit more expensive than the previous release because they have to cover the manufacturing of the extra disc and all the collectible items.

Q. Babule, yang 35mm film cell itu sepanjang apa yak? / How long is the 35mm film cel? (from Virginie DuChat)
A. It's one frame only, mounted in a card. Similar to the bonus feature on the RUMAH DARA DVD.

Thanks also to Kunderemp and A-Bye for your comments.

Next up I promise will be the trailer for THE RAID....


  1. waaah ternyata masih sama kak Fajar Yuskemal ya? wuih ada kak Bonar jugaaa :D (jadi kangen dunia dubbing T_T)

    btw.. mungkinkah bisa milih 35mm cell nya yang adegan Luc??? mauuuu >.<

    komen ttg BTS menyusul.. lom berhasil ke buffer T_T

  2. Thanks atas tanggapannya Mr.. Semoga tidak terlalu mahal ehehe..

    Satu hal lagi yang bikin penasaran, kenapa proses post production, sound mixing dan lain-lain itu di lakukan di Bangkok? kenapa tidak di Indonesia??

  3. BTS-nya amat sangat pendek sekali!! >.<
    can't wait to see the trailer....

  4. hahaha setuju panca! makin bikin penasaran BTS nya.. apalagi dipotong di tengah2 hahaha :D ayo mister ditunggu trailernya :D pas 17 agustusan keknya seru tuh hehehehe